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Changing CHANGE!

Changing CHANGE!

We are the catalyst for change in our consulting work, whether it is learning and practicing new competencies, implementing new strategies, preparing for business disruption, leading new strategies resulting from disruption to success, or whatever redirects an organization to a new reality. Should the process of CHANGE MANAGEMENT be disrupted? A small variation with a big impact could be to develop the process and capability to INFLUENCE change.  Consider:

  • We know we hit a nerve given the large number of change management consulting firms, authors, and experts. Consider these thoughts:
  • Prior approaches to change management are structured and rigid. Does this work when the  pace and nature of change in today’s reality is chaotic, risky, and volatile?
  • Change management as a process is time-consuming. Should a much more spontaneous and intuitive approach to change be defined?
  • If change is emotional and a more human process than operational, rigid approaches to preparing for change are too objective.  Can a more subjective path to change be dependent on gut feel more than formulas?  Gut feel calls for emotional intelligence and enables one to sense what is happening at the moment, carpe diem, rather than stick to a schedule or plan that does not factor in the human side.
  • Change has become a commonplace reaction to business, personal, and social advancements. For example, the evolution of technology causes “user friendly” additions to the devices to help people easily adapt. Is it time to look closely at what it takes to change in today’s world?
  • The attitudes towards learning something new have evolved. Previously, if you failed at something new, it was unforgiving. Today, failure is not catastrophic – you just try again. Recover. Buy another one. Reboot. How can planning for change reflect this notion?

Please comment and check our website for future updates on this topic!

As vanguards, Waves Partners empowers leaders and organizations that want change with processes and competencies to transform.

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