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Client Solutions

Solutions – WHAT we do


Activate Potential

A – Activate Potential

  • Assess strengths and available and needed capabilities
  • Adapt competencies to strategy and formulate talent potential
  • Architect and deliver senior strategic leadership and board development
  • Accelerate innovative mindset and culture


Consult for Results

C – Consult for Results

  • Consult on board or leadership development and talent strategy
  • Construct board and leadership capabilities based on strategy
  • Coach executives to excel in their roles
  • Connect the organization’s blueprint to business goals
  • Contribute with analysis qualifying business decisions
  • Craft roadmaps for change management processes and implementations


Transform Through Development

T – Transform through Development

  • Transform skills and behaviors to achieve organization goals
  • Translate strategy into action
  • Tap thought leadership for creative solutions
  • Transform local business culture to global business culture
  • Turn HR from a support to a strategic function

Results – HOW we do it

How to Activate potential

  1. Activate leadership competencies by using the Competency Gauge tool
  2. Architect innovative development solutions that create the ability to  maneuver in a global and challenging environment through interactive learning, coaching, and development
  3. Ascertain the competencies that leaders and boards need to bring strategy to life
  4. Analyze needs and processes for organizational development of human resource professionals that elevates them to a strategic operating level
  5. Advise on the use of assessments to fit the intended purpose and culture as well as create options for following up on results

How to Consult for results

  1. Cultivate the organization from current to future state by preparing a roadmap
  2. Create KPI’s to measure leadership performance that drives successful strategic execution
  3. Craft a relevant Competency Gauge used by leaders and boards to align behaviors to strategy
  4. Coach individuals by identifying crucial competencies to be developed and create a “SMART” goal development plan
  5. Coach executives and boards to become high performing teams by identifying differentiators needed to bring strategy to live
  6. Conduct and advice on processes to build talent management solutions with focus on potential and performance
  7. Create and implement an attractive career matrix based on competency descriptions
  8. Construct convincing appraisal processes by providing leaders and people with “SMART” tools

How to Transform through development

  1. Translate an organizations strategy into the practical competencies and processes necessary to navigate from the current state to a desirable future state
  2. Transform the organization to embrace changes and create a development culture through interactive learning, coaching, and development
  3. Target leaders and boards with competency development to be in the front end of disruption and digitalization
  4. Tune the organization’s cultural awareness to a level needed for global success