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A term that has been associated with leadership in current times is “disruptive.” On the corporate front, there is a call for leaders who can upset or disturb the state of an organization in order to cause aggressive innovation, change, and transformation in order to survive or grow. And with increasing national and global tensions in governments and the environment, the notion of leadership during troublesome and unsettling times gives rise to leadership OF disruption. In either case, leaders cannot be successful following a standard formula of behaviors proffered in the past. Disruptive strategy challenges some of the traditional leadership competencies. Disruptive leadership calls for leaders who are able to envision boldly, think innovatively, and listen intensely to the needs of customers and employees. In some markets, leaders have to look to emerging needs that have not yet been defined or embraced and take risks to advance. Does it sound like nonsense? Those who seek predictability and consistency might think so. However, it means that leaders must develop and strengthen innovative and intuitive competencies in order to support a disruptive strategy and lead through troublesome times. Read more:  Disruptive Leadership - Carpe Diem!